Get Answers from Jillian About Your Favorite Products

Spot Stick

What Spot Sticks look nice on fair skin?

  • Shades 1-3 are great for paler skin tones! You can check out our color range and match it to your undertones HERE

Do they hide dark spots on more mature skin?

  • Yes! I've covered them on myself and on friends of mine. I've been successful in covering light to medium dark spots on mature skin. I highly recommend using 04 or 05 as the neutralizer first then going over it with your shade.

Can you use it as contour, does it blend in easily? 

  • I didn't design it as a contour, but if you are feeling artistic, you can definitely find a way to wear them anywhere on your face. 

Should it be applied locally or on the entire face? 

  • It's all in the name: Spot Stick. It’s meant to be used sparsely, only in areas you need. You can layer it, & the more you layer, the more coverage you get. 

What was your inspiration behind launching Spot Sticks?

  • I wanted to make something that was gender friendly for different skin types in clean beauty. I wanted it to address small blemishes. It's a very functional, practical design as its the size of a pimple with a flat, small circumference. You lean into things that feel like they hit the spot correctly - no pun intended. 

How long does it last?

  • It lasts all day!

Is the thickness similar to foundation or is it between foundation and concealer? 

  • It's a cream stick that's designed very dry (intentionally) with a matte finish. We didn't add any iridescence or shine, so it won’t bring attention to things that you want to cover up. The matte finish ensures it gets erased.

Should I get multiple shades for different areas of the face? 

  • Yes, because you tonally change! My recommendation is to buy yourself a lighter shade, a neutralizer and a darker shade because then you can spot match different parts of your face. Your face isn't all one tone and that's why foundation can often look fake or mismatched. 

What is spot basing?

  • So that’s a funny story. I’ve been a professional makeup artist for a decade, and sometimes when you’re given instructions on a photo shoot, they’ll say, “we don’t want a lot of foundation.” So there’s this kind of like this little code name. It’s almost just code for “please don’t do a heavy base. We want you to just spot base.” Spot base simply means only cover the areas you need in order to make the skin look like it belongs to the person who owns it. It’s essentially a cliff note for “don’t do full foundation, let’s just do the spot.” As it turns out, I was under the impression that everyone knew what spot basing was, but there are a lot of people, including some makeup artists, friends of mine, who don’t use the phrase. So maybe I could actually take full credit for that.

Why is spot basing such a popular technique?

  • Spot basing is perfect if you are going for a more natural look and don’t want or need a full face of foundation. It’s a great technique if you have a pimple, a sunspot, a blemish, under-eye circles or just one area of rosacea, and just want to match the rest of your skin and only cover that area up and blend.

What is the Spot Stick?

  • The Spot Stick isn’t just a concealer, it’s matte coverage wherever you need it. It’s kind of just the code word for only covering up where needed and leaving the rest of your skin looking natural. It’s easy-blending, nourishes irritated skin, and blurs blemishes away—no foundation necessary!

Why is it a great product for everyone?

  •  I’d really be honored to have people think of this for all genders. I really want everyone - especially men - to be comfortable wearing this and not think about it like makeup.

How do you apply Spot Stick?

  • Warm it up on your finger and tap it over the area that you need coverage, or you could directly swivel it on. I designed this to be the average size of a pimple with a flat circumference, so if you twist it up, and you just put it on the pimple, or on the area that might need it, it will just twist directly over that area. It will make the perfect circle. From there, you just blend and dab. 

What is special about the formula?

  • My intention with this formula was to make it with the cream and the powder built into one. Spot Stick was designed to leave a matte finish that adheres to your skin beautifully. It’s a little bit on the drier side so if you’re using it under your eyes, you want to put a light moisturizer down first if you have dry to normal skin. If you have oily skin, you can skip that step.


What was your inspiration behind creating the product? 

  • To carve out a new space in beauty and give you the “pro makeup” product that serves a multitude of uses and feels supple and clean on your skin without breakouts or unwanted shine. It doesn’t get crepey or greasy or streaky!

Can you use mixturizer to touch up throughout the day? 

  • Of course, I suggest a sponge with a dollop on it to dilute the strength of coverage, then add more as needed for a little pick up

What’s the difference between Mixturizer and a primer? 

  • Primer makes me think slippery, and I just want it off my face. Something that will peel or crepe up. The Mixturizer works WITH your product to produce excellent results without fail.

What are some creative ways you recommend using the Mixturizer? 

  • Use with any cream concealer or foundation to customize your face with the perfect amount of coverage “just for you”! Wear it as a primer to hold makeup all day (allow a 60-second dry down time first.) Use it with my Shell Lid Tint on shoulders and décolleté area for a gorgeous sheen. Apply a layer to your face and neck before using why vibrating Gold Bar.

Can I use this in place of a moisturizer?

  • I do, however I respect and admire people who stick with their routines for skin care so I would say to try what makes you and your skin feel best.

Is this good for oily skin too? 

  • Use sparingly but yes it works with all skin types 

I love light coverage – but is this still good for those who prefer heavy coverage? 

  • In my opinion, foundation always looks its best when it looks like is belongs on your skin. With heavy foundation, use less of your product to still get that supple looking “real skin” look.

What are the benefits of the Mixturizer? 

  • Access to beautiful skin and ways to create it with just one product!

What’s your Mixturizer routine? 

  • Wash face, dry it by patting it with a gently cloth. Squeezing small amounts to cover portions of my face and neck if I wear alone. If I choose to use a Spot Stick for a tint, I sketch that on after I wash my face then add the Mixturizer with my hand and a sponge to blend. Then a dab of my Cheek Tint, Lid Tint and Khol eyeliner and I am running out the door.

How long will one bottle last me if I use about a small squeeze every day? 

  • Depends on the scale of your face. Small scale face: roughly 4 months, medium scale face: roughly 3 months and larger scale face: roughly 2.5 to 3 months

What was your favorite part about creating this new product? Tell us your process! 

  • I always like to find pockets in the beauty space that should exist and don’t. With the Mixturizer, it falls into a completely new category that I am excited to share because of its many versatile uses. 

Can I use it daily whether I’m wearing makeup or not? 

  • Of course! I personally wear it alone myself. 

What’s the shelf life of the Mixturizer? 

  • 24 months

How much of the Mixturizer should I be using when mixing with my concealer? 

  • Start small for a small area! Squeeze the tube and increase as you go. 

Any tips on applying the Mixturizer with your Cheek or Lid Tints? 

  • I would recommend applying the Mixturizer first, giving it 60 seconds, and then you can apply Spot Sticks and then Cheeks and Lid Tints. 

Can this be mixed with any powdered bronzer or shadows or only with creamy textures? 

  • You can mix it with whatever you want, it just depends on how you blend it. It is all about the amount you chose to use, and your technique and skills with blending, whether that is with a sponge or a brush. 

Does this product help your heavy foundation look more skin-like? 

  • 100% yes.

Cheek Tint

What’s more used for natural makeup looks

  • Cheek Tint natural looks are Sunny and Petal.

Which are your favorite shades?

  • Sunny & Petal

Your favorite way to apply both? 

  • Fingers

Are they water resistant? 

  • They tend to stay on because of the seed oils which anchor the shades, however it is case by case.

What’s the shelf life of the tints?

  • Within 10 months of opening

Lid Tint

What is the best way to make Lid Tints stay put all night long or in warm weather conditions? 

  • Some suggestions: 1. Use a face paper or blotting paper first to absorb any excess oils on eyelids prior to tapping on your Lid Tint. 2. Lightly swipe and blend 01 Spot Stick or another shade lighter than your Lid Tint as a base. 3. Use your Khol Eyeliner gently sketched on first as a primer then blend you Lid Tint on tip.

Can you layer them? 

  • Of course! I love to stack Taupe and Glimmer, Ruby and Shell and the list goes on.

What’s more used for natural makeup looks

  • Natural tones in Lid Tints are Taupe, Lilac, Dew, Glimmer and Bronze.

How do you recommend using Dew? 

  • It is the best way to give your eyes the fastest application for a glowing almost wet looking set of eyelids. Very quick and pretty! Wear alone or over any shade to amp up the shine.

Which are your favorite shades?

  • Glimmer, Ruby, Taupe, Dew, Bronze and Peach.

When do you use your finger to apply versus using a brush? 

  • I suggest clean fingers for application but my mini-fan brush is cruelty-free and easy to apply and also easy to clean.

Can the shell or glimmer lid tint be used as a highlighter? 

  • Shell is your more typical pearlescent shade and Glimmer has more of a peachy tone, less icy. So the answer is yes. 

Best lid tint for a smokey eye? 

  • Plum and Dew (mixed with Jet Black Khol eyeliner)

Best tint for pale skin, blue eyes and dark hair

  • Peach Lid Tint

What’s the shelf life of the tints?

  • Within 10 months of opening 

FLYK Trick Mascara

Can you share some tips for the winged liner? For different eye shapes? (i.e. hooded eyes, almond eyes, deep set eyes, etc.) 

  • Hooded eyes: use the Flyk stamp in a vertical position and stay on your upper waterline and extend straight out on the edges of eyes,
  • Deep-set eyes: use the very small end of the tip of the stamp and draw your flick on the edges of eyes and sketch inward over lash line.
  • Almond eyes: classic shape and works well for most cat eye flicks, whether thick or thin, long or short.

​​I have hooded eyes. How do I use this?

  • The FLYK Trick works for all eye shapes! For hooded eyes, use the FLYK tip in a vertical position and stay on your upper waterline and extend straight out on the edges of eyes. Make sure to have a pointed cotton bud handy to polish your line.

I have super short baby eyelashes. Would this product work on me? 

  • The best! Use the stamp set in the “L” shape and use that to grab the baby hairs with the tip of the stamp. I suggest placing in the “L” shape to capture the hard to grab lashes.

How does the tip at the end of the mascara wand work?

  • There is a rotating ball between the mascara wand and the stamp. On the ‘paddle’ side it moves to the left, right and vertical – acting as a pick for easy customization, shaping and defining most lash looks.

What is your favorite part about FLYK Trick? 

  • It works for any mood and any age. The formula is so unique to separate and define lashes. The stamp gives you a multitude of shapes and ways to style your lashes and look. The design is new in the beauty field and that is exciting to me, you just have to get used to using it and being comfortable working it.

Can you use the mascara without the liner?

  • 100%! Not every day is a cat eye day and that is the beauty of this 2-in-1 product.

Is it waterproof? 

  • Not fully waterproof, but it is water resistant. It has magical lasting power and is a long-lasting formula.

How long does a simple application typically last before needing a touch-up? 

  • I hope you don’t need a touch up! Sometimes I like to press at the upper lash line after I have worn it all day to give myself a bend. It is spectacular how the formula allows you to do this with such ease.

How does the stamp bend? Any tips? 

  • It ejects vertically from the tube then using the wider “paddle”s side, bend to the left into an “L” shape and bend to the right in an opposite “L” shape. Make sure the tip is vertical before placing it back into the tube.

Why do you recommend using a q-tip for clean up? 

  • Behind every perfect cat eye liner, is a cotton bud. I recommend having a cotton bud (preferably a pointed cotton bud) handy when FLYK-ing to polish any line to precision. We are usually in a hurry and moving fast so mistakes even with basic mascara and liners are common.

How can the formula work for both lashes and skin?

  • I worked on the formula for 6 years and made sure it was the perfect blend to work on skin as liner and on lashes to define and separate. It contains botanical extracts to nourish your lashes and that’s a plus!

Is it good for sensitive skin? 

  • I have sensitive eyes and just like any product, be sure to start out with a test to see if this works for you. We removed the toxic ingredients in order to deliver the best results without any irritation to eyes.

What inspired you to create the FLYK Trick mascara?

  • The cat eye flick is famous and has been a staple in the world of beauty for many decades. It is a classic. It also is the hardest to achieve and most people try tape, stencils, and all kinds of other tools to draw it on. This mascara wand gives you an option to wear just mascara or use the tool at the tip to play with designing your own cat eye look. I wanted to create something completely new in beauty to inspire people to get creative with this tool.

Can I use it even if I’ve never used an eyeliner before & don’t really know how to apply it?

  • Everyone starts somewhere. If you’re a beginner it may take a few tries to get used to, but after a couple of practice rounds (with cotton buds ready for clean up) you should have the hang of it!

Khôl Eyeliner

Why did you create the Khôl eyeliner? 

  • I created this khôl pencil to deliver intense color and a sultry line (thanks to the built-in smudger) using 100% plant-derived ingredients, natural antioxidants, and zero preservatives.

What shade of liner should I get?

  • Use a subtle line in brown or burgundy for a no-makeup makeup look, or dial up the drama with a perfectly drawn cat eye in jet black.

What natural ingredients are in the eyeliners? 

  • Organic jojoba oil, organic shea butter, and marula oil combine for a super smooth application, and every khôl eyeliner color is waterproof.

What are some special features of the eyeliners?

  • Waterproof
  • Excellent color intensity
  • Plant-derived oil and wax based ingredients
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Preservative-free

Are your eyeliners clean? 

  • They are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, and GMOs.

What is your favorite tip? 

  • It’s beautifully accentuating—and you can skip the mascara if you do a smudge of liner and blend it softly.

What kind of look is your khol eyeliner best for creating a day or nighttime look?

  • My Khôl eyeliner is designed to smoothly glide on upper and lower lids and using the smudge tool on the end to create a “controlled” smudge for a daytime or nighttime look.

Can you give a tip for creating a subtly smudgy look? 

  • The best way is to gently sketch along you lash line as close as possible to your lashes and use your finger or the smudge tool to make it look a little worn-in and natural. You can always build up the intensity. The eyeliners are very easy to use and pop your eye color. This can be worn alone on upper or lower lids or my fave is both! If you go to heavy then use a cotton bud to adjust as needed.

What about super smudgy/downtown/sexy? 

  • Go in stages. Never start with a thick line to make a mess. If you draw a line and smudge, look in the mirror, then you can gauge how much more to build with. What’s the key to making it cool versus just a mess? Warm it up is a brilliant tip for my Khol eyeliners. They respond well to the heat of your fingers to help create a beautiful shape.

Can you do a cat eye with a creamy pencil like yours? 

  • Yes you can but you must use a translucent powder over it to set it in place. Or will it smudge? It is designed to smudge but can still get a more modern softer looking cat eye with it. It isn’t a liquid liner so that isn’t the intention for the sultry, cool eye, it is much softer looking.

What’s a tip for creating a straight line for a more staid, close to the lash line application?

  • Place your chin forward in the mirror and use one finger to lift your lid up to get in close and sketch a small back and forth line to fill in the spaces as you draw your liner on. This technique helps fill in spaces and also for blending more accurately.

Roomie & Roadie

What makes roomie/ roadie different 

  • Hi! They are two different products! The Roomie can be considered a "moveable" riff on The Roadie. The Roomie is a soft paste and the go to for taming flyaways, smoothing ends and adding a bit of texture. Whereas The Roadie stick is perfect for mastering ropey twists and that salty ocean air hair look!

Which pomade has the most hold? 

  • Roadie 

Is roomie also good for frizz near the roots? 

  • Absolutely, you can use both products - & a little goes a long way. 

How does the roadie look on platinum blonde hair? 

  • It depends on the weight of your hair I suggest starting on the ends first with a little product and working your way towards your scalp - especially if you’d like texture, you can twist it and it will give it a little wave. If your hair is fine, you seriously only need the tiniest bit to get results.

Just got the roadie, what looks can I do with extremely long hair (female)? 

  • If you have any flyaways towards your hairline area it’s wonderful to brush those down to stay down. It’s great for any flyawaysreally, and to add texture. Just remember to warm it up in your hands and use a small amount - you can always build it up. 

What are your favorite hair styling hacks with the Roomie and Roadie? 

  • My favorite is to take a small toothbrush-like brush and directly go over the product and its packaging, and then smoothe onto the baby flyaways or broken hairs around my parting or hairline. Also fantastic on thick brows to to hold them down. 

How did you come up with the names of these products? 

  • The Roadie came to mind because of the travel-friendly part of it and the Roomie came to mind because it can stay at home in the larger pot

Would you recommend them to do slick back hairstyles? 

  • If you have thick hair than this is your go-to product because thick, coarse hair slicked back is great. You just have to remember to work the product in - very important to warm it up on your hands first and then work it into your hair. Start at the ends and work your way to the top. 

Which does Patrick prefer to use?

  • He uses both equally.

Can these be applied to wet hair?

  • It’s hard to apply to wet hair because it is a wax and it won’t adhere as well. If it’s damp dry hair that could be a little easier but I don’t recommend it - dry hair is best.

Does it make your hair look/ feel greasy? 

  • It’s all in the application. If you use a little bit warmed up on your hands and fingertips go in gently on your hair that has the most frizz/that needs to have the cuticle laiddown. If you put a big dollop of wax on your hair, then yes, it will look like too much product. 

Can you use either of these products on other areas with hair? 

  • Like beard or eyebrows?  Yes you can use a small toothbrush-like brush and directly apply these products over your eyebrows and beard 

What inspired you to create them? P.S. I have the Roadie & I love it! 

  • I’ve always had a huge love of an old-school hair pomade based on my former hairdresser life, and I wanted to bring a clean version of that to the beauty world with a wonderful scent

Is the Paste Sticky and greasy? 

  • The roadie is very sticky but I would not say greasy because that word doesn’t explain a hair product very well. You have to know how to use it and you have to be willing to warm it up on your hands first. if you go straight from the packaging you have to delicately swipe it over your hair and then use a brush or your fingers on it. 

Would roomie help with baby hairs that seem to make a mind of their own. 

  • Yes the roomie has a semi wax finish and is a little easier and less tacky than the roadie wax because it’s a little bit thicker –

Are these products only for men? 

  • No they are for anyone who has hair!

Do these products also nourish the hair while holding it? 

  • They do not dry out your hair. However, I leave the nourishing part to your conditioner.

Gold Bar Gold Bar

How do I clean it?

  • I would recommend using mild soap and water or just wiping down with a soft cloth. Gold in itself has natural antibacterial properties, so no need for any harsh cleaning agents.

How do I replace the battery?

  • 1. Twist the bottom of your Gold Bar ‘on’ until the bottom gold piece comes off.
  • 2. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new AA battery.
  • 3. Reattach the bottom gold piece to your Gold Bar and twist it until fully attached.
  • Watch a tutorial HERE.

What type of battery do I need for the Gold Bar?

  • AA battery

How do I use it?

  • Start with clean, moisturized skin. 
  • To sculpt the cheekbones, turn on The Gold Bar and place at the jawline, gently moving upwards toward the temples for up to five minutes. Repeat on the other side.
  • To promote lymphatic drainage, start with The Gold Bar under the chin, and move down toward the neck, working along both sides of the chin.
  • To diffuse tech lines: Tilt chin up to uncrunch the skin on the neck, then glide The Gold Bar vertically up and down over lines. 

Why did you make it?

  • Supporting skin circulation is the best way to prep skin, whether you’re going barefaced or full glam. 
  • I discovered this big-in-Japan skincare tool in Tokyo, and spent years sourcing every element of The Gold Bar—from the 5000-rotation-per-minute motor to the 24K gold finish. 

What is your favorite tip?

  • Double the smoothing, de-puffing effects by using The Gold Bar over a pair of chilled hydrating eye masks for refreshed, wide-awake eyes.

For the most wide-awake look—explain why your eye masks and vibrating gold bar make such an enormous difference in energizing the eye area and your entire face in general?

  • The vibration of the Gold Bar stimulates blood circulation immediately and very effectively. It sculpts, lifts, tones and the benefits are seen only after a few minutes. The Hydrating Eye Masks are in a pre-biotic advanced serum with hyaluronic and create de-puffed, cool, refreshing and hydrating results. The Gold Bar can be used directly over them and the bio cellulose pads are so pliable and really stay on your under eye area (they don’t fall down to your jawline like others).

Eye Masks

What is your favorite tip?

  • Pop ‘em in the fridge for five minutes before applying for an extra-refreshing experience! Remove the mesh liner from each mask, then let the hydrating serum go to work for 10 to 15 minutes. These genius eye masks are even better with the vibrating Gold Bar.

Do these contain skin supporting ingredients? 

  • These bio-cellulose masks are soaked in a prebiotic serum with hyaluronic acid, camelina oil and almond oil.

Why did you make these?

  • Prebiotics are the key to minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. I challenged our scientists to create a silky, high-tech serum made with 100% natural ingredients, and they delivered.

What does this Eye Mask do?

  • Soaked in a milky prebiotic serum, these eye masks reinforce the skin barrier, leaving the delicate undereye area soothed, nourished, and plumper looking.

How long should I leave these on for? 

  • 15 minutes does the trick! Once they are feeling dry that means the work it done. Add a drop of water in each tray with the bio cellulose and pop in the fridge for another use (or 2). 

 Are these safe to use if I have sensitive eyes?

  • Yes. Avoid getting any product in your eyes directly and be sure to securely place below your lower lids. 

Do I still use an eye cream with eye masks?

  • No need to. You can massage in the serum and you are good to go!

How many uses can you get out of one eye mask?

  • This depends on if after your first use you drop a little water in each tray and pop in the fridge. A second day for sure, and the third day may not be as strong but do-able. 

Can the eye masks be used on the neck area to rehydrate and plump the skin there?

  • Yes, I like to use the milky advanced serum on neck, back of hands and anywhere that requires extra hydration. 

Can these be stored in the fridge for a cooling effect?

  • Absolutely. Though they naturally produce a cooling effect even without the freezer. 

Are there any other ways you recommend using the masks? Like on your smile lines?

  • Yes, some customers even use the mesh liners for smile lines to double-duty. Though the most significant area is under your eyes. 

Does it help with under-eye brightening?

  • I’d use the words ‘refreshing and more awake with less puffiness.’ 

 Are they safe for sensitive skin?

  • Absolutely. They are very gentle and soothing to your under eyes and skin. 

Can I wear them while I do my eye makeup to catch any fallout?

  • I don’t see why not. Love that!

Any insider tips you want to share about the eye masks?

  • I always love it when people re-use by adding a drop of water to the container and putting in the fridge. That is one is a great way to extend your masks. 
  • Always on clean skin, no makeup. 
  • These don’t leave any residue so you can feel free to place any makeup right over it if you like. 
  • It’s a prebiotic serum and has many benefits for the under eye area, including protecting the skin microbiota by stimulating the antimicrobial defenses and helping to reinforce the skin barrier.

Mini Fan Brush

Why did you design your own brush?

  • I designed this one-and-done brush without corners, so it applies everything from eye shadow to highlighter flawlessly—and saves space in your makeup bag.

How can one brush replace a full set?

  • Using the entire brush gently swipe the full brush back and forth across the lid for a monochromatic eye. Use a dark color on the brush tip, and apply in the crease for deep, dramatic shadows. Use the belly of the brush and dip the middle of the brush into light or medium tone shades to define eyes. Use the center of the brush to tap the center of the brush into highlighter and apply at the middle of the lid for a pop of shimmer.

Is this brush vegan? 

  • Yes 

Whats your favorite tip?

  • My cruelty-free brush makes all eyeshadows and Lid Tints easy to apply with the custom rounded edges. Use to draw on a creaseline and blend away! Also works well for a wash of color all over the lids.

Makeup Bag

Does the makeup bag have good storage? 

  • With two side pockets, the Jillian Dempsey makeup bag gives you serious space without bulk. 

What is the bag made from?

  • 100% nylon and lined with polyester, this deep-black makeup bag is extremely good-looking and always gets the job done (also like you). with a gusset in the roomy main compartment so it stays upright when you’re digging around for your favorite lid tint.

Why do I need this makeup bag?

  • My makeup bag is durable, washable and doesn't tip over...holds the right amount for your everyday bag.

What are the dimensions? 

  • 8.25 x 5 x 2.5 inches