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Mini Fan Brush
Multi-functional, synthetic makeup brush

Mini Fan Brush

Jillian designed this one-and-done brush without corners, so it applies everything from eye shadow to highlighter flawlessly—and saves space in your makeup bag.

How can one gorgeous, easy to use, completely vegan brush replace a full set, you ask? Start with a few of our go-to tips:

Entire Brush
Gently swipe the full brush back and forth across the lid for a monochromatic eye.

Just the Tip
Use a dark color on the brush tip, and apply in the crease for deep, dramatic shadows.

Belly of the Brush
Dip the middle of the brush into light or medium tone shades to define eyes.

Center of the Brush
Tap the center of the brush into highlighter and apply at the middle of the lid for a pop of shimmer.

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Jillian's Tip

My cruelty-free brush makes all eyeshadows and Lid Tints easy to apply with the custom rounded edges. Use to draw on a creaseline and blend away! Also works well for a wash of color all over the lids.


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