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Gold Bar

The original 24K gold plated vibrating bar with 6000 rotations per minute. 


Boosting blood flow and lymphatic drainage to de-puff

√ Sculpt, firm and smooth face

 Contour the face for a wide-awake, refreshed appearance


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How To Use

∙ Start with clean, moisturized skin.
∙ Turn on and place at the jawline, gently moving upwards toward the temples for up to five minutes.
∙ Repeat on the other side.
∙ To promote lymphatic drainage, start with The Gold Bar under the chin, and move down toward the neck, working along both sides of the chin.
∙ To diffuse tech lines: Tilt chin up to uncrunch the skin on the neck, then glide The Gold Bar vertically up and down over lines.

Why We Made It

Supporting skin circulation is the best way to prep skin, whether you’re going barefaced or full glam. Jillian discovered this big-in-Japan skincare tool in Tokyo, and spent years sourcing every element of The Gold Bar—from the 6000-rotation-per-minute motor to the 24K gold finish.

Jillian's Tip

I pretty much won't do a job without using this. It is my number one essential tool to promote a refreshed, de-puffed and smoothly contoured face. It is the authentic Gold Bar from Japan with ionic rotations for facial massage.


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